• 3 rooms with one double bed

  • 2 rooms with 2 double beds

  • 1 ac room with 2 double beds

  • fridge

  • microwave

  • free room coffee/tea

  • Free wifi

  • access to private beach and dock

  • please make sure to brin photo id and credit card for any reservations

GGMC Motel wing1
GGMC Office
Mot5 beds
Mot6 Beds
Mot6 WR
Mot4 bed
Mot4 area
Mot4 WR2
Mot4 WR
Mot3 bed
Mot3 WR
Mot2 area
Mot2 bed
Mot2 WR
Mot1 area
Mot1 WR2
Mot1 beds
Mot1 WR
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785 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay, ON, P1A 2G7

Phone: (705) 472-1085

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